Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you're not a parent, this may not be so funny. It made us laugh out loud. My favorite moment is at 1:36. Ry's is at 2:06.


LaLa said...

Speaking on behalf of my people (advertising folk), I LOVE good ads that communicate the brand, elevate the image and make you laugh all at the same time. Copywriters rock! - Still not trading my Beemer for a Siena, though.

Jube said...

Me too. We're not selling the truck anytime soon, but if we were to have a 3rd child, it could be in our decision set.

jp said...

Love the Sienna commercials and this just takes it to the next level. I'm also with Ry on 2:06. Top Notch.

There's still no way that I'll ever own a van.

Oh, and we added a baby bimmer to the family for my commute. 2002 Mini Cooper in the house.

Jube said...

Congrats on the new addition.

Where my mother-fathers at?

nana said...

Loved it. I owned a van if you recall.

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