Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A big man update

I gave you the F update a few days ago. Today it's T's turn. My big man is 3 and a quarter years old. What's he up to these days? Let me tell you.He melts my heart on a daily basis. Last night during prayers he told me that Jesus slept in his ribs. He also tries to throw himself into my lap many times during the day. He's a big hugger and a mouth kisser (I guess someday we'll have to get him out of that habit ... but not today).

He is having a hard time sharing us with his baby brother. Even though I make it a point to spend some mommy and T time everyday, he still just doesn't like having to share. Swimming lessons have actually been very nice, because it's just been about him.

And speaking of swimming lessons, T was the only kid in his class to go down the 6 foot water slide today. Most of the kids were anxious or sad. Not T. Nope, he climbed right up, slid down, swam to the edge of the pool and said "Again, Mommy!" He's a daredevil, my big guy. We're working on channeling his energy, enthusiasm and intelligence for good.

He's bossy. I know you're shocked by that, given who his mother is. I have to tell him to mind his own business or "let their mommy be in charge of them" several times a day. It's funny and a little strange to hear myself parroted by a 3 year old, "Rocks are not toys!"

He's an eater. Breakfast is usually a yogurt, piece of fruit, toast or waffle and lately, a piece of cheese. Most mornings he's "stiiiilllll huuuuunnnngggggrrryyyy" after all that and eats more. Sometimes I think he just wants more to eat because it tastes good, so I'll say something like "well, if you're still hungry, you can have some veggies." Then he shocks me and eats the veggies. Of course, sometimes he doesn't. We had a conversation the other day that went a little something like this:

T: I'm still hungry. I'd like a treat!
Me: No treats, you didn't finish your lunch.
T: Oh. I guess I'm full then.
He tries really hard to be a good big brother. He likes to push F in the swing, make him laugh in the car and bring him toys. Of course, he also likes to get in his face, take away his toys and irritate him in the car. Baby steps.

He still wants to be just like daddy. Ry is unequivocally his favorite person on the planet. He wants to ride with Daddy, sit with Daddy, change the cat box with Daddy, mow with Daddy. You name it, he wants to do it with Daddy.

He and I have reached a really good place in our relationship though. I think we're going to emerge from the terrible twos (and new brother period) with grace. The other day he got up from his nap and chose to cuddle on my lap instead of Ry's!

He loves to play "I Spy." Here's how he plays: "I spy, with my little eye ... the TV!" It's kind of the same way he plays hide and seek. "Mommy, where am I? I'm in the closet! Hahahahah."

He's wise to risk/reward. He generally gets asked/warned once. The second him, he gets asked/warned with a consequence (I will take the toy away if you don't stop using it to brush the cat). The third time, he gets the consequence. Lately he's started asking "What will happen if I don't?" So far, the consequence has been a big enough motivator. I'm just waiting for the day when he'll ask, consider, and then say, "Worth it!"

The long and short of it is that we have an interesting, creative, high energy little boy. He's a joy. And a pain. Mostly a joy. And I love him more than I can say.


jp said...

Ok, the swing picture is pretty fantastic....The look on F's face of "seriously.....another picture?"

And yes, I do enjoy assigning statements to babies that are not actually the case. Its fun.

Cathy said...

OH! That tie picture is priceless, put that in the "wedding photo montage" file.

nana said...

He's my favorite little big man. Of course F is my favorite little little man.

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