Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long long summer

It just hit me this week that I have a whole summer ahead of me with no preschool in sight. Granted, we're traveling a lot and we'll have Ry's mom and Cathy here for most of July, but there is still a lot of summer left. I have to figure out what to do with two boys for 5 days a week. T's preschool wasn't long; only 2 hours twice a week. Still, those hours preserved my sanity some weeks.

The good news is that it's summer and I can always default to the park. I also have good friends who also have kids T's age. (Aside: For whatever reason, I hate referring to them as mom friends or mommy friends. It makes it seem like they are defined by being a mommy. Anyway. I digress).

I know it shouldn't be a burden to take care of my own children blah blah blah blah. But you know what? Sometimes it is! Sometimes I just need an hour or two without someone asking me a question every 10 seconds or kneeling over a 3-year-old's naked bum pointed to the sky (That's enough flushing, T). Sometimes I need to feel like my life isn't all about cleaning the house, preparing meals, pushing endless swings and grocery carts while trying to inject a little learning into the day (Is Daddy a he or a she? How many pears are in our bag?).

Alas and alack. Alack and alas. (Aside: Did you know alack is actually a word? I always assumed it was just like "bah" or some other nonsense word. It's not, alack is an interjection used to express sorrow.) Anyway, I was alacking. And alasing. And generally hoping for Mary Poppins to fly through my window a few times a week. Well, that would be sort of creepy. I hope Mary Poppins comes knocking on my door a few times a week.

Alack. No knock.

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