Sunday, June 05, 2011

Oz ... the middle

After our little adults-only getaway, we came back to these cute little faces.
Maybe my all-time favorite picture of Gummy Bear.
And their Tantie, who drove in from Colorado to spend time with the family and her favorite nephews.
The next day, Ry's Mummu and Papa drove up to visit.

They got a chance to hang out with their great-grandkids.

Tantie did some more bonding with the boys.

The next day, we tried to go to the pool. As it turns out, it didn't open until the afternoon. Instead, we went with Plan B, a baby pool and sprinkler in the back yard. The water was cold!

Gummy Bear was even brave enough to put his head in the water.

We also took the kids for Cheeky Monkey's very first Japanese Steakhouse experience.

He didn't quite get the point of the chopsticks.

But Gummy Bear latched right onto it.

Everyone was entranced by the fire.

Ooooh. Aaaaaah.
Our chef was a good sport.

And we had a thoroughly good time.

Poor Ry has to go back to work next week, but the boys and I have decided to stay for an extra week. Tomorrow we have to put Daddy on a plane, and pick him up on the way back to east next Saturday.

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