Thursday, June 02, 2011

Oz ... the roadtrip

Ry and I had a little mini-getaway. It was lovely to get away, recharge, and not have to worry about packing extra snacks, drinks, toys and diapers.  As a matter of fact, when we set out for dinner, I didn't even bring my purse!
See how relaxed we are!?

We stayed at a charming little bed and breakfast called The Looking Glass Inn. It was really beautifully maintained, the room was comfy, and the host, Lee, made excellent french toast. It was the perfect place for us to get away and reconnect.
Dining area and front room.

The Looking Glass Inn

The next day, we decided to visit the Indiana State Museum. It was actually a really interesting little museum. They reassembled an old school facade inside.

They also had a collection of "oddities." Among wreaths and bracelets made of human hair, one-man-band instruments and single-log canoes was a display of bustles, girdles and other women's fashion trends of the past. As it turns out, bustles wouldn't have been the best look for me.
Jube got back

Invisible paddle!
Don't fall!

There was also a giant exhibition of Indiana's quilts. I took a picture for my mom.
That's a lot of quilts.

Maybe my favorite exhibit was a collection of old war-time propaganda.
This one is for you, Greg.

This jewel encouraged people to buy war bonds. In exchange, you could cross out one of the racist cartoons.
Ahhh, vintage racism.

Also, I never knew that my garden was a victory garden! My food is fighting.
From now on, every time ask the kids to water the garden, I'm going to ask them to water the Victory Garden.

The boys were really glad to see us. I was really glad to see them.
Well, one of them was happy to see us.
It was wonderful to get away. It was wonderful to come back. It was a much-needed chance to spend a day just being a woman and a wife. Thanks again, grandparents!

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