Thursday, June 09, 2011

(I love the) Y. M. C. A.

As you probably remember, our family recently joined the local YMCA. It's been very nice to get back into the water. We are also enrolling Gummy Bear in some sports classes this summer. He had such a good time in gymnastics this year that I figure we should keep a good thing going.

Our Y has unusually nice staff for NJ. They are almost always smiling, greet you when you walk in the door, and look you in the face. When you leave, they actually look up and say goodbye. It's refreshing, especially after 8 years of  huffs, grunts and eye rolls from other local business employees.

This week though, I learned another reason that the Y is awesome. They have an "away" program. This means that I can walk into almost any Y in the country and use their facility. For free. Up to 14 times a year. Because I had the benefit of willing grandparents, I got to swim twice. And you know what else? The staff there? Super nice. Other patrons? Crazy chatty (and by crazy chatty, I mean some of each).

It's the little things.

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