Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy snow day

And now I return to what I know you're all here for: cute pictures of my kids. Last night into this morning we got about 5 inches of snow that turned into 3 after an hour of rain. Ry is out of town, of course, so it fell to me to decide how much snow removal I really wanted to do. Our township has a rule that sidewalks have to be cleared within 24 hours of snow, so I thought I would at least get that done. As it turns out, I also got the walk cleared and the truck dug out.

Gummy Bear was actually a big help. He cleared all the windows on the truck. Then I literally had to make him go play in the snow.

They had fun playing on the frozen, very slippery  play equipment.

It wasn't the 20 inches of snow we're used to the last few winters, but it was enough for the boys to get out and play in. Cheeky Monkey mostly ate it. They both had fun though, and they came in rosy-cheeked and starving.


Cathy said...

Love those rosy cheeks!

Jube said...

They had very rosy cheeks for a good hour! It's how kids should look.

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