Friday, January 20, 2012

Uke uke uke

Because I'm a total slacker and still haven't taken more pictures of my darling children, here is a video of me playing ukulele. I recently had a fire lit under my ukulele-playing bum because a longtime friend asked me to play and sing in his wedding. No pressure. I started taking lessons last Saturday and had a bit of a breakthrough this week with strumming and playing at the same time.

In other news, my adorable children are still adorable. We met up with a friend at a mall with a play area today. It was nice. The kids were really good. They were rewarded at the end of the day with a carousel ride. Gummy Bear named his horse "Seven Silver" and Cheeky Monkey's "Black Tail." You guess why. Then we came home, where they mercifully took a nap, got up and then tormented each other while I made dinner. Good times. Tomorrow we're off to a friend's birthday party if we don't get crazy lots of snow. And Sunday, Ry comes home! Hurrah! Because being a single parent kind of sucks. And I miss him.


ldupbeat said...

I'm impressed! You have a beautiful voice and you've come a long way playing your uke. Very Nice!

Becky said...

That was so good! You sounded great. Guess the lessons are going well?

Jube said...

Thanks! I've only had one lesson, so I'm not sure I can credit that. I did spend many many hours this week on one song. Once I could play that one with a strum pattern other than down-up, I could play lots. I had to stop thinking about the strumming before it all clicked. And then, eureka! All of a sudden I could sing and play.

Cathy said...

This gave me chills!!

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