Thursday, February 14, 2013

All the things

I have been a pretty terrible blogger since I started working. That is mostly because my hours have been spent working, taking care of the kids/house, or working on my BSN coursework. Recently, there have been some things. Here are a few of them (illustrated with random pictures):

  1. Starting this week, I am part time. Of course, I'll still work 32 hours this week, but hey, at least it's not 55. My only scheduled days are Saturday and Sunday nights. That is nice because I was finding that my scheduled 40 hours were regularly turning into 50+, sleep interrupted by panic attacks, and lots of zombie-mommy days. I was pretty nervous about asking my boss to cut back my hours after only working there for 4 months, but something had to change. Luckily, she was very cool about it. And now I feel much better.  I am only scheduled for 24 hours each week, but much like this week, I may pick up extra shifts from time to time (you know, when our scheduler calls because she's had 3 call-outs).

They look better on him.
 2. Gummy Bear continues to have some adjustment issues in kindergarten. This week, I had a series of meetings with teachers, counselors and doctors to ensure I don't have my "mommy blinders" on. I don't. He's 5. He'll grow up. And in the meantime? He's smart and curious and funny and helpful and we can't spell things in front of him anymore. "Want to get some i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m?" "I know what means!!!!!"
Gummy Bear's go-to smile these days.
 3. We finally got our snow storm. It was a disappointing 5 inches, but wonderful perfect snow. It was that great packing snow that ensures lots of snow balls and warm toes when you're done. We went sledding on a hill behind my mom's house. That was good fun. Cheeky Monkey screamed bloody murder every time he went down, then got up and asked to do it again. Little adrenaline junkies. Also, now I'm ready for spring.
We had to have a rule about snow balls when Mommy was holding the camera.

The obsession with all things transportation led to some very disappointed moments that day.

This worked as well as you might imagine.

Even shoveling was fun.

Stop for a snack.

He's soooo close to being really helpful.
 4. Oh yeah, and my sister was here! She wasn't here for long and I had to work for most of it, but it was still lovely. She also got to partake in snow and snow-related fun, which is something fun and exciting for a California girl.

5. My sister-in-law is having a baby. I'm really excited to be the one who gets to buy cute stuff and love and snuggle and kiss and then hand back for the nighttime feedings and 'splosion diapers. 
6. That's all really. I would promise to blog more often, but I probably won't.

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G'pa said...

Thanks for the blog fix. Kudos to me for not bugging you about it!

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