Monday, February 25, 2013

This is so much better

Two weeks into working part time, I have to say ...


While I did pick up a shift the first week, I only worked my assigned 2 shifts last week. This is wonderful and the right decision for so many reasons.

1. No more Zombie Mommy
2. Happier Monkey
3. Happier Bear
4. Happier Husband
5. Laundry caught up
6. House clean
7. Five meals cooked at home last week
8. Twenty-four hours of work in 2 days
9. Good experience
10. Coursework completed on time
11. It's just better for my mental wellbeing


Cathy said...

SO glad to here you say this. As I said before, nursing isn't like other jobs, you really just can't work as many hours and expect to function normally.

Jube said...

Thanks Cathy. It was totally the rigtht decision.

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