Thursday, February 21, 2013

First tooth, gone

Two nights ago we were having dinner. Gummy Bear was worrying his loose tooth, like he's been doing for the last ten days. I gave it a wiggle and noticed it was barely hanging on. Ry said, "Should we go get some pliers and pull that thing out?" Bear said, "Yeah!" Bluff called, Ry went and got the pliers, washed them and wrapped them in a paper towel. Then, he and the Bear yanked that thing right out.

And thus was my baby's first tooth lost. He was so excited to tell everyone at school. The Monkey is quite jealous of all the attention and keeps asking when he will lose a tooth.

There it is folks, the first lost tooth. *Sniffle*


Cathy said...

Man, he sure is brave!

Jube said...

I still can't believe he agreed to it.

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