Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tightrope walking the clothesline

My Dad (and his brothers) spin quite a yarn about his childhood adventures. He has broken bones tightrope walking a clothesline, falling out of the top of a bunk bed, and falling down the stairs (because he was wearing my Grandma's high heels). Technically when he fell down the stairs he didn't break anything, he just had to have eye surgery. He also broke his little brother's nose by convincing him to run and jump into his bed. Until recently, these stories were quaint tales of yore. I enjoyed imagining my Dad as that adventurous little boy. Until recently.When I realized that I may be in for the real-life version of these quaint old stories. Not only does T look a lot like his Papa, he is showing an early predilection for his behavior. In the past week, he has sustained an impressive bruise on his face from running into a jungle gym, whacked his forehead on the dresser after a "way big jump" from his bed, and gotten in trouble countless times for jumping on couches and jumping from the couch to the (lightly padded) ottoman. My eldest is an ER visit waiting to happen. Thanks a lot, Dad.

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Papa said...

The good news is, if he continues to follow my path, he is eventually trainable. It will be long and hard work, but progress can be made. Let me sum up.... sorry Jube! Genetics is - well, it's downright entertaining for a Papa! Love You:)

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