Monday, October 04, 2010

Fall's Must-Have Accessory

We went to a festival Saturday. There were lots of vendors selling crafty stuff and yummy treats. As we walked along, this guy caught our eye. What's that he's wearing?

Why, it's a dog-carrier! We asked the guy if we could take his picture. He told us we couldn't get the carrier anywhere, because his girlfriend made them. We got her website, if you're interested. Her one caveat? "You know this is only for a dog, not a child, right?" Um. Yeah. Got that.

I almost ordered one for my favorite stepmother, but decided that $30 was just too much for a gag.


LaLa said...

Thanks for thinking of me. Gracie would have loved it - she was my Finley. However, they probably don't make the straps (or my back)strong enough to hold Ollie.

melydia said...


I guess it wasn't obvious that you'd already mastered the child-carrying issue.

Jason said...

Oh, saw way, way too many accessory dogs when we lived in NYC.

Cathy said...

Yep, that's pretty awesome

Jube said...

@Lala - I could see if they make a backpack version!
@melydia - Not obvious at all. We were carrying the kids in reusable shopping bags.

Jo said...

Awesome ponytail on that guy

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