Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mother of the Year

Yesterday, F crawled into the shower with me. He was already fully dressed for the day. I didn't change him. Instead, when we got to daycare, I warned the ladies that he was probably damp. Then, one of them, let's call her Jan, noticed something green in his mouth.

I looked, and sure enough, there was a pea from last night's dinner. I thought I got all the vegetable carnage off the floor, but I obviously missed at least one pea. "Oh well." I said. "He's probably sucked all the dirt off it by now, so I'll just let him finish it." Jan, who is older than me and has several children of her own, laughed.

The other woman, let's call her Annie, is quite young, single and childless. While Jan and I laughed, I heard her mutter, "Ew."

Perspective folks. It's a funny thing.


Mom said...

He was saving it for lunch.

Cathy said...

He just likes to have snacks available at all times, I get it

Anonymous said...

I'm already with you...

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