Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Happenings

When we first moved here, Ry and I were wandering around and happened upon this house. We marveled at the sheer Griswald-ness of it all. Every Christmas season, we talk about that house and make noise about going to see it again. We never have, until this year. Apparently, it's been a tradition for this guy for many many years. It almost didn't happen this year due to a pretty nasty yard accident.

We decided that T was old enough to appreciate this house this year. And dude, he did!
He thought this was just about the coolest thing we'd ever done. So much so, that he quickly confiscated our camera and didn't give it back until we were getting back in the card. Most of the pictures from here out are courtesy of T.

Now I know why I couldn't find a used play house on craiglist. They're all here! Each house has a little display inside.

The train room.

Anyone who has been around me during Christmas knows about my love of giant, inflatable, lawn art. As such, it was only appropriate to get my picture in front of this particular display.

Ree. Ree. Ree.

And T's last picture, on the way out. Seriously, I've never seen anything like this. I can only imagine the power bill in January. Also, it's an electrician's nightmare. Everything is strung together with extension cords plugged into each other and dangling precariously above and behind the displays. Still, you have to give him an A+ for holiday cheer!


Cathy said...

How have you not taken me here?! I've been trying to tell the Coloradoans about the joy that is New Jersey Christmas class, now I have photos!

Green Ben said...

Nice!....I like you blog decorated. I hope you will better in further. Thanks ;)

melydia said...

Um. Wow. That's pretty incredible. And you even got to walk around it? Marvelous! Hopefully it'll become a family tradition. :)

Becky said...

I loled at the Elmo "Ree. Ree. Ree." comment.

Grandma Pat said...

I'm really impressed with how good the pictures are that Tucker took!! Go Tucker!! So happy to see you enjoying this holiday season! Love you and miss you all!!

Jube said...

Cathy -- I know! We just always forget about it. Pictures are definitely good for shock value.
melydia -- It spilled over to the next house and the backyard.
Becky -- Thanks. It just wasn't right.
Pat -- He's getting to be a pretty good photographer. Tantie is getting him his very own camera for Christmas, so I'm sure that we'll have more pictures than we know what to do with.

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