Friday, November 26, 2010


I know it's a day late, but we had a busy day yesterday. I'm not any less thankful today than yesterday however, so here we go.

I'm thankful:

  • To have two beautiful, healthy, sweet boys.
  • To have a loving, kind, thoughtful husband who is both my best friend and an amazing father.
  • To have a adoptive family who takes us in for all major holidays when we're not traveling or visited by our own.
  • That I didn't have to cook a huge dinner yesterday.
  • To have supportive, loving parents, siblings and other assorted family.
  • To be able to talk with my Dad about precautions for people "who used to have cancer."
  • To be excited about my future career.
  • To have a snug little home.
  • To have more love in my life than I rightfully deserve.

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