Monday, November 22, 2010

It's funny how things work out

When I decided to go to nursing school this year, many of my friends and family asked what would happen with F and breastfeeding. My answer? I'd start school and then see what happened. Secretly, I always thought that meant that F would likely end up weaning around 9 months instead of 13 like his big brother. Certainly, he was nursing a lot less often once he started daycare and I started school.

Somehow though, I think that my being away from F for 3 - 4 days a week is going to prolong our nursing relationship. He's been nursing 3 times a day for the past several months. We dropped the morning nurse two weeks ago, when I decided that extra sleep was more important for him than the milk.
I mean, seriously, the kid doesn't need the extra calories.

We'll probably continue on with the twice a day schedule for a while. I don't feel the overwhelming desire to be done like I did with T. To be fair, T was never a comfort nurser. He was a "get on, get full, get moving" kid of baby. He didn't seem to notice that I stopped nursing him. His belly was full ... so life was good.

F on the other hand, likes the snuggling and the cuddling. It's part of his routine and I think he'll be much more resistant to stopping. As much as I'm ready to wear bras that don't look like they came out of the 1954 Sears catalog, I'm in no hurry. I am also going to visit my sister in CA for 5 days in January. Pretty sure the well will be dry upon my return. The clock is ticking.

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