Friday, February 11, 2011

15 months -- big and happy

Today we had F's 15 month well-visit.  And, finally, he's well.  The cough is almost gone, and the daily nebulizer seems to be keeping things under control.

Today, he weighs 26 pounds, 14 ounces and is 32.5 inches tall.  That puts him in the 85 percentile for both.  F is my round, charming, laid-back little man. The sum total of his vocabulary is "Ma," "Da," "Bye" and "Uh Oh."  He also said "Roar" once, but since he's never done it again, I'm not including it.  Apparently, this is completely normal for 15 months, but my working hypothesis is that he can't get a word in edgewise.

The child can eat. He just recently learned to drink from a straw. F is my cuddle bug.  While he's getting better about sharing me, he can still throw a grand tantrum if he happens to notice his brother my lap when he decides he wants it. Color me shocked that he went to the lady in the church nursery last week! He seems to pick and choose who he's going to warm to quickly. He'll go right to some people, and others have to bribe him with food for weeks before he lets them into his circle of trust.

F looooves to dance.  While his brother was all up and down at this age, F has a groovy little bum-shake that you can't watch without grinning like an idiot.  I keep trying to capture it on video, but it's as fleeting as it is charming.

He has charmed everyone in the baby room. He pats the little babies when they cry, hugs and snuggles the women, and fully participates in the impromptu dance parties.

F has remarkable patience for his big brother. There are brief, lovely moments every day when they play together, make each other laugh, and give each other hugs. I can only hope that when they stop being jealous of each other they'll be great friends.

My baby has officially entered toddler-dom.  While I am sad to say goodbye to the baby, I love to see him run, laugh, and grow. I love my F, so very much. Happy 15 months, my littlest love.


Anonymous said...

Nice and tall! Nolie had a late 12 month checkup (so it was more like 12.6 months) and came in at 19.11lbs somehow. I have no idea because that kid eats all of the time. On th flip side, 30.75 inches. Quite the sprout.

Jube said...

Tall girl! Where's that come from? Hope we get to see you all again soon.

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