Monday, February 14, 2011

A snippet

Scene: The boys and I are in the car, driving to the park. I've just gotten them from school.

T: Mommy, I'm ready for another baby.

Me: You are?

T: Yes. I think we should name him F.

Me: But, we already have an F.

F: Ah. Dah dah dah.

T: It's OK!

Me: But if we have two Fs, how will they know who we're talking to?

T: I don't know ....

F: Mmmmmmmmm. Ahhh. Dah!

Me: And anyway, what if we have a girl baby next?

T: Your tummy makes boy babies.

Me: Not necessarily.

F: Raspberry noise.

T: Well. When your tummy is done making boy babies, then it'll be ready to make girl babies.

F: More raspberries.

Me: I see.

T: Mommy, do you see that ditch down there?

Me: Yes.

T: If F fell in, you would have to hold him really tight. You would hold him really tight, right?

Me: Of course I would kiddo.

T: Because if you didn't, then we'd be really sad because we didn't have a baby any more.

Me: I would hold him really tight and he wouldn't fall in.

F: Mmmmah!

T: And me?

Me: I would hold you really tight too. And Daddy. I wouldn't let anyone fall in that ditch.

T: OK. Good.

F: Aaah. Dah.

T: Mommy?

Me: Yes?

T: I love you.

Me: I love you too, kiddo.


I'm looking for blog nicknames for us all.  All the initial business seems silly, and it seems like everyone has blog nicknames. Suggestions?


LaLa said...

I'm partial Gummy Bear and Cheeky Monkey myself.icart

G'pa said...

When Ry and Cath were little, they were Critter and Miss Mouse

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