Wednesday, February 09, 2011

When it rains it pours

On our list this year is a new TV.  Ry bought our current TV when he was in college, which makes it ... well, it makes it old.  We're noticing more and more of our favorite shows are being cut off in the most distressing ways.  You know where we notice it the most?  Sesame Street.  All the stuff to count gets cut off, so instead of seeing 14 farm animals, we see 12.  The TV has also been dying a sad, slow little death over the past several years.  However, given the current state of affairs in our household, our television may have to eek out another year.

Here's the list of (higher priority?) stuff that we will probably be replacing:

~ The microwave that turns on if the door isn't shut just right. Can you imagine? "Mommy, my dino was cold, so I put him in the microwave.  Now, he's meeeeeelted!"
~ The TIVO remote that has hit the floor so many times that it's one good toss away from shattering into a gazillion pieces.  Also, only about half the number buttons work.
~ The mudflap on my truck that a snow bank liberated for me today.
~ The cordless phones that only work for incoming calls.
~ The laptop that has been blue-screening at random intervals.
~ The set of dishes that is one or two dinner plates from useless.
~ The truck, which currently has no idea how much gas is in the tank.

Good times.


Becky said...


Anonymous said...

We just had to buy a new dryer.....I hate having to replace stuff like this.

Jube said...

Jason -- I thought your landlady owned the washer/dryer?

Cathy said...

We also have a "When I'm done with Nursing School" list, but it has even bigger items on it such as a house and to eventually let the Grand Prix go to car heaven

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