Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gummy Bear's Stage Debut

Today we went to a free Winter Jazz Festival. Super fun. Not only did we get all the free food we could eat (chicken marsala, quinoa salad, Moroccan stew, sushi, and all the tarts and pastries you could wish for), they also had some good music. The highlight for Gummy Bear was the magician who performed in between bands. He was picked for a very special assignment.
 He had to help the magician make a hat that would fit him.

 So first they tore some paper.

 Then he kept making more and more magic wands.

 Finally, he had to tap the paper and say some magic words.

Eh Voila! A hat! He thought it was great, and wasn't a big stage-shy. Who would have guessed that?


melydia said...

Cheeky Monkey and Gummy Bear, eh? That certainly won't embarrass them when they're older! ;)

Jube said...

I think we've long passed not embarrassing them when they're older. I think we missed that boat with this post:

Almost 4 years ago.

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