Wednesday, March 02, 2011

6 Things: The Kids Edition

1. Gummy Bear got a progress report from school today. The "grades" were P for Progressing and M for Mastered. Not surprisingly, he got mostly Ms for things learned, skills mastered and fine motor skills. He got a lot of Ps for sharing, playing nicely with others and following directions. I've been told that my kindergarten progress report looked a lot the same. Tree --- Apple.
2. He continues to show remarkable creativity with bending the rules. Tonight at dinner, he was having apples with caramel dip. I looked over to see that he was using the apple simply as a caramel-conveyance system. I told him that he had to actually eat the apple, not just lick the caramel off. A few minutes later, I looked over to see him holding the apple, dripping with caramel over his finger. Then he licked it off his finger.
3. We're going to start transitioning Cheeky Monkey to the toddler room at daycare. One of the teachers in the infant room took him to visit today, and he apparently loved it. He even took an hour-long nap over there! That rivals his longest nap ever at school. Since he apparently spends his day in the infant room patting crying babies' backs and popping pacifiers back in mouths, it seems like good timing. Still, I hate admitting that he's not a baby anymore.
4. Cheeky Monkey recently added "Bu-Bye," "Hi," and "Emma" to his word repertoire. Why Emma? A crush, I think.
5. Today is National Dr. Seuss Day. In honor of that, Gummy Bear named our family Thing 1 (himself), Thing 2 (me), Thing 3 (Cheeky Monkey), Thing 4 (Ry), Thing 5 (Neena) and Thing 6 (G-Pa). Then I think he got bored.
6. If you haven't read The Cat in the Hat recently, there is an illustration where the little boy is catching Thing 1 and Thing 2 in his net. His sister is looking on, grinning. Gummy Bear asked Ry the other night why the little girl was smiling. "I don't know," he replied, "maybe she's touched." Then he gave a more appropriate answer. Tonight of course, when he got to that point in the book, Gummy Bear said, "She's smiling because she got touched." Lesson? Be very careful what you say around (almost) 4-year-olds.

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