Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gummy Bear's Super Mario Party

Gummy Bear is turning 4 tomorrow. We decided to have a Super Mario Brothers party, since they are currently his most favorite-est characters in the whole wide world. The party prep started off well.
A few of the kids invited to the party have egg allergies, so I thought, "I'll just make an egg-free cake!" Here it is.

Thankfully, Ry manages me well. He pulled me out of my downward spiral, and helped me design the One-Up cupcakes. They turned out pretty cute.

Today was his party, which we hosted at the gym where Gummy Bear takes gymnastics lessons every week. He loves it there, and enjoyed showing all his friends the ropes.

Cheeky Monkey and the other younger siblings kind of made their own fun.

As the guest of honor, Gummy Bear got the first parachute ride, the first jump in the foam pit, and the first go on the obstacle course. He was in heaven.

There is nothing quite as fun as a rope over a giant foam pit.

Some of the big kids had a good time in the pit too.

Cheeky Monkey couldn't get out.

This was fun. They were playing "popcorn". The teacher bounced their little bums half across the trampoline.

Don't feed the animals!

Cheeky Monkey was so bummed when they deflated the bouncy castle.

And here's the whole food set up.


Do you see the look on his face? He was mad because I put the little 4 candle on the cupcake instead of the big one. He recovered nicely, but the face was priceless.

Blowing out the candles.

Mmmmm. Cupcakes.

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Mom said...

What fun. My face hurts from smiling. The cupcakes are GREAT! Good job, Mom. See you soon.

Neena and G"Pa

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