Sunday, March 27, 2011

Someone got a bike!

My mom got Gummy Bear his very first bicycle for his 4th birthday. He was a tiny bit excited.

Lately, I can't get him to give me a real smile. All I get are these silly school-picture smiles. He was really excited though, let me tell you.

What we realized when we started doing the research for the bike, was that Gummy Bear would now be much much faster. So we had to tune up my trusty old bicycle, find a bike for Ry and a bike seat for Cheeky Monkey. Hurrah Craigslist!
Cheeky Monkey seems to enjoy his new bike seat too. It wasn't naptime, but I guess the air, movement and comfort was just too much for him. As an aside, I have no idea why we didn't do this when Gummy Bear was small. Riding with a tiny human aboard really isn't too different. We're looking forward to lots of bike rides this summer.

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