Sunday, March 06, 2011

Vacations on my mind

I've really been jonesing for a vacation lately. I don't know if it's the never-ending winter or the fact that we haven't had a vacation in almost a year, but I'm dying for some adventure. Requirements? It has to be cheap, close to home, and something we can do with the kiddos.

Realistically, we're not going anywhere until my break begins in May, but I've already started looking at our options. We want to take the boys camping this summer. Right now, this is my hands-on favorite. While we'll still be tent camping, it will be like camping-lite, with plenty of distractions and bathroom and shower facilities. It's also only 90 minutes from home, so if we get down there and realize we've made a horrible, horrible mistake, it'll be easy to pack up and head home. We're thinking that if Ry takes a half day of vacation, we can have a long weekend there.

I also really, really want to do this. Of course, it's a lot more expensive, and we couldn't take the kiddos, so I guess that one will have to wait a bit.

We're also planning on taking the kiddos to the PA Renaissance Faire this year. I think Gummy Bear will get a huge kick out of it. Cheeky Monkey just likes activity and color, so he should be good too. We may combine this one with a day in Amish country or Hershey.

After a long chat with a good friend the other day, I think I'm also ready to take the boys skiing at the end of the year. Ry and I used to go to Elk Mountain pretty regularly. It's close to home and also very family friendly.   The last time we went, we stayed at a charming little B&B that had a suite with a kitchen and fridge. We could bring and cook our own breakfasts and dinners. Perfect!

So, there my vacation map for the next year. Have any suggestions? Where are you going this year?


melydia said...

That bike tour sounds awesome, but Bill can't ride a bike (degenerative arthritis in both ankles). Of course, if he had his choice, we'd go back to either Japan or DisneyWorld. :)

We don't have any actual vacations planned for 2011, but we are certainly doing a fair amount of traveling this year:

Family reunion in Wisconsin Dells in June
Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September
Moogfest in Asheville, NC, in October

And I'll be making an appearance in our hometown in early June for the Sine Fine Films 15th anniversary party. Plus local events like the BookCrossing Convention in DC in April, Anime USA in Arlington in November, and Balticon in Baltimore in May.

The kiddos might enjoy the Maryland Renaissance Festival too. It's in Crownsville, not far from Annapolis. I'm not sure what kind of drive that is for you, though 301 down through Delaware would probably be have some nice scenery.

Becky said...

That little camping site looks fantastic! I like camping, but I loooove camping lite. Love me some toilet paper and flushing toilets.

The bike tour looks incredible. I've never done anything like that before; I'm not much of a cyclist though, so I don't know how up for it I'd be. I think my butt would start hurting after an hour or so on the bike!

Also - I think this is the perfect time for the boys to learn to ski. It's about when I learned and I was totally fearless at that age. Plus, any vacation that makes the kids sleep like logs at night has to be a good thing, right?

Brad and I have no real travel plans for the year. I assume I'll get sent out to Princeton at some point this summer. We've had plans for a Grand Canyon trip on the backburner for a few years, but you have to plan far in advance if you want to do any camping.

Jube said...

melydia - holy cow, you have a lot of travel planned! Is the Maryland Renaissance Festival a traveling faire or stationary? Since we've been to the PARenFaire a couple times before, I'm tempted to stick with what we know. Especially because I sort of feel like they're mostly all the same. Is that bad?

Becky - I love me some toilet paper and flushing toilets too. I especially love the idea that Gummy Bear won't get too comfortable with dropping trow wherever and whenever he thinks appropriate.

I'm actually really excited about the skiing. I know that Cheeky Monkey probably won't "get it" this year, but next year he'll be kicking our butts down the mountain.

Hope you make it to Princeton soon! It's already been too long since I've seen your face. We're planning a trip to our hometown in early July. Any chance you'll be moseying that direction in that timespan?

Becky said...

Hadn't given a trip home this summer much thought. It could work - depends on when I end up taking my quantum qual (of death and destruction). I know I'm going to end up taking it sometime between early May and early July, so maybe a celebratory trip would be in order.

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