Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's coming right for me!

It's been a strange sort of a week. But first, it's Cheeky Monkey in a box!

OK, anyway. No, wait ... more naptime fun!

Really now. Around midnight Saturday morning, Cheeky Monkey woke us up with a sad cry and a crib full of  vomit. We changed him and the sheets and I rocked him for a while. He didn't fall back asleep, but did lay down in his crib as long as I stayed in the room, so I dragged our featherbed onto the floor and made camp. About 30 minutes later, he threw up again. After another wardrobe and sheet change (this time for me too!), we dosed for about 45 minutes before ... yep ... again. This time, all down my back. Awesome! We had one more go-round before he was apparently empty and went to sleep.
 Saturday he seemed pretty good, aside from being less-hungry and more-sleepy that usual. We went about our business, dyeing eggs and preparing for general Easter fun.

Gummy Bear was quite proud of all his eggs.

 The boys helped Ry in the yard and got pretty dirty, as children will do.

 Sunday morning, Gummy Bear awoke to a chocolate dino egg and mini chocolate dinos. He was in chocolate heaven.

 Cheeky Monkey ... had a fever. He took his first nap around 9 am.

 And his second around 11.

 We were undeterred and the Easter Bunny arrived to hide eggs. Gummy Bear was thrilled, and Cheeky Monkey was slightly amused.

 He wasn't so amused by the family pictures, however.

Ry and Gummy Bear went off to our adopt-a-family Easter dinner and Cheeky Monkey and I held down the fort. Since he was running a fever, we played in the water table. He approved.

Silly me, I thought the rest of our family avoided the illness. This morning, Gummy Bear woke up around 5:30 complaining of a tummy ache. Ry gave him a drink and he went back to bed for a while. Around 6:45, still complaining, he sat on Ry's lap ... where he threw up. Because he doesn't get sick very often, he was really freaked out. I think he was more scared than in pain, and after a quick bath, perked up. Ry stayed home with him today, and other than the come-and-go fever and lack of appetite, he felt OK.

Tomorrow and Thursday are my last 2 days of clinical for the semester. I am praying to stay well until at least Thursday at 3 pm. I'd really hate to get to the very end of the semester and then have to make up clinical. Pray with me folks.

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