Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ever wake up laughing?

So the other night, I had a very bizarre, illness-inspired dream that actually woke me up laughing. So, you know shrimp?
Photo Credit: Colorado State University
In my dream, Ry's new colleague was a man-sized shrimp. He had his own desk, where he used all those tiny arms to type, drink his coffee, answer the phone and staple simultaneously. He was a multi-tasking fool. Whenever he stood, he used his tiny shrimp feet to scuttle more than walk. Meanwhile, one of Ry's colleagues followed the shrimp around with a large frying pan and stick of butter, trying to trip it and saute it for lunch. It almost worked too, the shrimp didn't have very good balance on those tiny little feet. I have to wonder what this dream says about me (or Ry or his colleague for that matter).

Someday, I'm totally writing a children's book called It Came on Tiny Shrimp Feet 


melydia said...

That's awesome. I once woke up laughing after dreaming that fleas were coming in a spaceship to colonize on my cat, OD, and had named her Planet Funyun.

Happy Mother's Day, BTW. :)

Jube said...

Planet Funyun! Ha!

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