Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh dear

My semester is officially over! Our grades were posted today, and as I expected, I finished my semester with an A.  Nursing school is so much harder and so much cooler than I ever expected. I started this journey with a single purpose in mind: to become a midwife. While that is still my ultimate goal, I'm finding a lot of areas of nursing that I think I would really enjoy. I am also finding many areas that are not for me. 

The worst part of nursing school for me, is feeling like I've always got something hanging over my head. Even when I'm home with the kids,  I'm thinking about the test I have soon or the clinical research waiting for me when they're in bed. This summer I have nothing to do. Let me repeat that. I have absolutely not a blessed thing in the world to do this summer. Aside from take care of the kids and house and husband, of course.

Of course, as these pictures show, maybe I'm getting a little too excited too soon. I asked my darling husband to help me, and what did he do? Took my picture. Thanks a lot, babe. 

Anyway, the little'uns are in school until Thursday. They'll be home with me until I go back to school at the end of August. I'm really glad that I finished all my prereqs, as many of my classmates are taking Microbiology or some other random class this summer. We have a few trips planned, starting with our annual trip to Oz next week. We also have pool and Sesame Place passes, so we should find plenty to do. I am enjoying these last few days with kids in school to have some time to myself, read a novel (or 4), clean my neglected house and generally prepare for the summer ahead.

And what are you up to this summer?


Becky said...

Ahhh, summer. It's a good feeling!

melydia said...

Alas, I am still in the realm of employment where summer is just a hotter version of winter. But we have a trip to Oz, a family reunion, and a couple of conventions planned.

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