Monday, May 23, 2011

Someone pinch me

One of the things taking up my time during the last week was helping my Mom and G find a place to live. While they were looking for a place to buy, they ultimately decided to rent for a year or two until they got settled and figured out just where they wanted to be. I spent a couple of days visiting rental houses with my mom. She found a two that fit the bill. They are officially moving here in the first part of July!

I've been cautiously optimistic about this whole thing. You see, I haven't lived near my family in almost 8 years. I've never really been an adult with my family around. We're so used to doing things on our own that I almost don't know what to do with the idea that we're going to have someone to share holidays and Sunday dinners with. I am so excited by the idea that I can call my Mom if I'm having a really tough day and maybe she'll come over and hold my hand or take the kids for a couple of hours. I haven't wanted to get too excited for fear that if it all fell through, I would also fall pretty hard. Now it seems that they really are moving here! The house they've chosen is 8 minutes from mine (not that I'm counting).

Time for a little celebratory dance break!


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Mom said...

I loved all your recent blogs/videos of the kids. Can not wait to be there in person. It won't be long now.

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