Saturday, October 29, 2011

A good idea in theory

Last weekend, we loaded up the troops (and my mom and stepdad and ry's mom and her hubby) and went to the big Renaissance Faire. If you've ever taken small children to a big festival like this, you know it's a better idea in theory than practice. Despite that, we had a good time.

We were greeted by this guy:
He was pretty awesome. I think my favorite part was that he was wearing baby shoes on the ends of his stilts.

We got inside shortly before the Queen. A few of the guests were overwhelmed by her presence.

Also, there was this guy. He is going to haunt my dreams.

The boys  went on a giant, wooden twirly ride. I thought Cheeky Monkey might be scared, but he was completely fearless.

Here we are waiting for the Mud Show to begin. I thought the boys would really enjoy it. Both of them were bored. I think the problem was that there was too much talking and not enough jumping in mud.

 Again at the joust. Too much talkie, not enough ridey.

The grandparents are determined to make our kids tree huggers.

Cheeky was a big fan of the turkey legs.

And Bear really got into helping Daddy beat G-pa at giant checkers.

We had a fun day, and Cheeky fell asleep on the way home. You can't beat that!

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