Saturday, October 01, 2011

Mud. Soccer. Oreos.

It's been raining here since the beginning of August. Every time we get a day or two of sun, it downpours for another day or 10. Gummy Bear hasn't had a practice or game for 2 weeks. Since the giant fireball was actually in the sky this morning, they didn't cancel the game.
Kind of impressed a 4-year-old can do this.

The kids had fun. Since they were playing in 3/4 of an inch of standing water, they also got really, really muddy.
Who? Me?

The kids playing soccer weren't the only muddy ones. I had the foresight to pack an extra set of clothes for Gummy Bear. Cheeky Monkey went home in his diaper.

Ry was apparently confused.

And when the game was over, the kids had Capri Sun and Oreos. Seriously? Capri Sun and Oreos?!?!? I can't think of anything that would be better after an hour of running around. We're scheduled to bring snack the last week of October, and I'm afraid I'm going to be that awful mom who brings diluted juice and raisins.

In other news, Ry is going to be on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for a little more than 2 weeks. He leaves tomorrow at 5 am. Pray for me.

I also passed my first exam of the semester. Big deal, eh? I'm actually quite pleased with myself, as the sheer volume of material on this exam made it feel like we were taking a final. Also, it feels good to know that I can do just as well on exams covering material that is not so interesting as material that I'd read even if I wasn't in nursing school. Take that, endocrine system! I own you!


NPR released a list of the top 100 Science Fiction books. I find that I have read a fair number of them, but also found some intriguing new titles to try. You know. In June.

My Fighting Illini are going to give me a heart attack this year. I don't know how many more last-second wins I can handle this year. Also, I've never seen a last-ditch effort like Northwestern's so nearly work. That. Was. Cool.

Finally, and just because it made me laugh. It's Guy On a Buffalo.


Becky said...

Noooooo. Don't be the diluted juice and raisins mom! At least do apple juice and Goldfish!

Becky said...

Also - congrats on kicking the endocrine system's ass. When do I get to start asking all my, "hey, you're a nurse..." questions?

melydia said...

I've read 45 of the books/series on NPR's list. Most of them are good. I have another dozen or so on the shelf waiting to be read.

And I have to say I'm with Becky on this one. Goldfish are the best.

Jube said...

Can I at least be the apple juice and pretzel mom? Also, you might want to start asking the nurse questions now, because once I'm on a specialized floor, the general nurse stuff won't be as fresh.

LaLa said...

Right, like the kids have never seen a cookie before, or ice cream, or cake. Lighten up - they've been running their little butts off for a half an hour and you want to reward them with raisins? At the club, we at least have animal crackers at the turn.

Jube said...


I never said my kids haven't seen their share of cookies and ice cream. I was also being a big facetious when I said I was going to bring raisins. I was actually considering trail mix or something along those lines. I just have a hard time understanding why 400 empty calories of "juice drink" and whatever demented chemicals oreos are made of is a good post-sport snack. Maybe I do need to lighten up. But I'm still not bringing Oreos when I'm snack mom.

G'pa said...

Loved the buffalo guy. Hope your next 2 weeks goes quickly.

LaLa said...

Point well taken. I sincerely apologize. I was being facetious as well, which apparently, didn't come across in writing as intended. Maybe it's a disorder of the endocrine system. Who knows? Oh, yeah, I guess you would! Love you.

Jube said...

Thank you. And I am sorry too. Yesterday was a bad day. Bear had some kind of mystery illness that turned his hands and feet bright red and puffy. It is mostly gone today, and the doc said it was probably a virus.

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