Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well that was bleak

So sorry about yesterday's post. I'm better now. Missing Ry aside, we have been having a fun time over the past week. There has been lots of goofiness, dinners with friends and time spent with Neena and Gpa. Here are a few pictures that made me smile:

Nothing like a baby in giant nursing clogs. He clearly has a future in the medical field.
Or cross-dressing

And then when I went to the bathroom, I emerged to find this: What were they doing? Eating apples and laying across ottoman, of course. What else would they be doing while I was in the bathroom?
I can't think of anything more logical.


Cathy said...

Are those Danskos? I am thinking of making the splurge, been having some knee and hip pain :(

Jube said...

No, they are Timberlines. I super duper love them because they fit my freakish-shaped feet (wide in the toe and skinny in the heel). Definitely invest in good shoes. Think about the sheer number of hours you wear them and the $/hour factor is totally worth it. Life is too short for your back to hurt.

Cathy said...

Well, my tennies are very comfortable and my feet never hurt so I thought they were doing well, until this knee and hip and hip crap started and my Dr mentioned the A word. I'm now blaming my shoes, makes more sense than arthritis right?

Jube said...

Did your doc actually diagnose you with arthritis or just mention it as a possibility? I would definitely try new shoes and see if it gets better.

Cathy said...

No it was just mentioned, I didn't want to pursue anything yet, shoes and more yoga sounded like better ideas to me! But apparently knee surgeries like I had can cause early arthritis, which is definitely a downer.

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