Thursday, February 09, 2012


This has been quite a week. Monday afternoon, Cheeky Monkey started running a 103 fever. There's been a lot of crap going around the daycare, so we gave him some Ibuprofen, and put him to bed. Since he was still running a fever Tuesday morning, Ry and my stepdad stayed home with him so I could go to clinical.

Tuesday evening, his fever was breaking through the ibuprofen in about 3 hours, so I called the pediatrician. He told us to bring him in Wednesday morning. I came very close to staying home with him Wednesday, but since I have to make up clinical time and pay $150 every time I miss a clinical day, Ry persuaded me to go to school.

The doctor said that the Monkey had a double ear infection and what she thought was mild pneumonia. She prescribed an antibiotic and asked us to nebulize him twice a day. I slept on the floor of his room last night because his breathing was freaking me out last night. Today, I'm staying home with him. Thankfully, he's only been running a low grade fever this morning. He's also been considerably more chipper today than I've seen him since Sunday. His lungs are also starting to sound better. So, that's why no blogging this week. Keep my Monkey in your thoughts and prayers?

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Cathy said...

Poor poor cheeky! Sending lots of Tantie love to speed his recovery

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