Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Saga of the Bank

About a month ago, we decided that Gummy Bear was getting old enough that he should start getting an allowance of sorts. If he does certain chores, he gets money for his Spending, Saving, and Giving jars. He was using a turtle bank his Tantie made him for his Spending Jar. It met an untimely demise when Cheeky Monkey dropped it one morning before school. Gummy Bear was inconsolable.
Oh. Sad.

And so I promised him that we would go to one of those Paint Your Own Pottery places where he could pick out another bank and paint it himself. And so we did. And he picked an owl bank (because it was the biggest).

He did a pretty good job, although he was bored by the end (each color had to be painted 3 times). Luckily for him, he has a mommy who was willing to do coats 2.5 and 3.

He was pretty darned pleased with himself. And it was pretty darned cute. Alas, the owl had to stay at the store to be glazed and fired. I finally got the call a few days ago that the owl was ready.

And now he sits, proudly guarding Gummy Bear's room. We just have to keep him out of the Monkey's hands.


Jo said...

I've never seen that look captured on Gummy's face before (proud and satisfied). So sweet!! And that's one awesome owl bank.

Cathy said...

So sad about my creative endeavor with the turtle bank, glad he got to make a replacement though!

Jube said...

Jo, he was so proud of himself! Cathy, sorry the Monkey destroyed your hard work!

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