Friday, February 10, 2012

Scenes from a Cheeky Monkey

Scene: the Monkey and I are sitting on the couch, post-nap. Gummy Bear is at school.

Monkey: Come-a momma!
Me: Huh?
Monkey: Come-a momma!
Me: Ummm.
Monkey: Come-a!!!
Me: Can you show me what you want?
Monkey: Gets up, goes to the basement door. Want. Jacket.
Me: You want to put on your jacket?
Monkey: Jacket!!!
Me: OK then. I take his jacket off the hook and put it on.
Monkey: Momma jacket.
Me: Now I'm putting on my jacket?
Monkey: Momma jacket!!
Me: Ok, why not. I put on my jacket.
Monkey: Come-a momma! He grabs my hand, pulls me to the front door and unlocks the deadbolt. He heads straight for the truck and stands waiting by his door, expectantly. 
Me: Ok, I'll bite. I grab my keys and bag, help Monkey into his seat and get into the driver's seat. Now what?
Monkey: Count. School bus!
Me: HA! A little background information is important here. Every morning on the way to school, the boys and I count the number of school buses. You want to drive around and count school buses?
Monkey: YA!
Me: But where are we going?
Monkey: I nunno!
Me: You don't know?
Monkey: I nunno!
And that is how the Monkey and I ended up driving around, counting school buses.


Scene: I'm brushing my teeth. The boys are hanging out in the living room, suddenly I hear a mysterious musical sound. I peak around the corner to see the Monkey putting change in the oven door slots.



G'pa said...

hehe. Made my day! Kudos to you for "going the extra mile." for your son!

Jube said...

Thanks. He's a funny kid.

Mom said...

Laughed, so cute

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