Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bear starts kindergarten

Well, today was the big day. My Bear started kindergarten today. He woke up super excited, and since for the only time ever in our lives we were early, he was actually asking to leave for school. Instead, we took a bunch of pictures.

Cause how cute is this big man?

Of course, Monkey had to get in on the action too. He's begging to go back to the preschool. It's hard to explain that mommy needs a job before he can go back to preschool.

Here we are walking to the school.

And this almost made me cry.

Here he is with the school sign.

When we got inside, they cordoned off all the kindergarteners and their parents. We discovered that one of Bear's friends from preschool was in his class. They were super excited.

All morning, he insisted that he was excited not nervous. Here is where he started to get a little nervy.

Thankfully, having a friend's hand to hold makes things much easier.

And then, we were 3.

We snuck down to his room to see how things were going. He was engrossed, so we quietly slipped away.

And then I cried. A little.

At the end of the day, Bear charged out of the school like he owned it. I learned all about his day. They sat a tables, did puzzles, saw the playground, ate in the cafeteria, and lined up to go home. Whew. He was entranced by the cafeteria. He kept asking if he could have a ticket so he can get lunch from the "factory." The food in the cafeteria is pretty abysmal, so it won't be everyday, but I'll let him have lunch there occasionally.

First day of kindergarten? A resounding success.


Becky said...

I hope he loves school. While the social situation may have been tough when I was a kid, I loved learning.

Also - you are wearing a way cute outfit in these photos.

Cathy said...

Yep, I shed a tear as well! We are going to blink twice and you'll be moving him in to the dorms. I 2nd the way cute outfit, makes me want to go buy some leggings to make my dresses stretch to Fall.

Jo said...

Looks like he needs to grow into that backpack! We're so proud of our little man. I third the comment about your outfit Jenn, super cute.

Jube said...

Becky -- so far, so good. And thanks!
Cathy -- Do not say such things! He'll be a baby forever.
Jo -- I figure this one should last him a couple of years. The next size down seemed like it would only last the year.

Jason said...

HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN SO FAST?!?! Nolie start pre-school (just two days a week mornings) tomorrow. I can't believe how big the boys are already. Are you guys planning on being back in Illinois at Christmas? We'll be in Champaign from the 22-25th (I know we'll be seeing you next month, but the kids......).

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