Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Do all the things!

Last week I had this crazy realization that summer was almost over. For the first time this year, that actually means something. Gummy Bear starts kindergarten tomorrow! I got his bus pass in the mail this weekend and almost started crying. I predict that I'll be a bit blubbery tomorrow.

Anyway, since last week was our last week of summer, we decided to do all the summer things.

I added this picture just because Cheeky Monkey is so stinking cute in it.

So, we headed back to Sesame Place, one of our summer favorites. As always, the boys seem to more entranced with the misters than a lot of the rides. Whatever.

Their new favorite ride though, is the giant swing. Bear is big enough to ride in his own row.

The Monkey has to ride next to me.

We also had our final playdate of the summer with some of our very best friends. It's a little bittersweet to know that after tomorrow, I'll mostly be going on playdates with just Cheeky Monkey. 

So, anticipate lots of first-day-of-school pictures tomorrow. *Sniffle*

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