Sunday, September 02, 2012

Stuff we've been doing

We took our last camping trip of the summer this weekend. We decided to go back to Hospitality Creek, since the boys had so much fun last time and we figured it was our last chance for some good pool time.  We got there and Ry and I got unpacked.

The boys did other things to amuse themselves.

Then we got right over to the awesome activity pool. This time I actually got pictures!

Gummy Bear was off and away as soon as we walked in the gates. He absolutely loves the activity pool.

Cheeky Monkey does too. Tell me this is not the best picture of a kid you've ever seen. I'm totally plastering it on the wall at his wedding.

He was really into jumping off the edge of the pool, climbing back up, and asking to see the picture of the jump. Hence the abundance of Monkey-suspended-in-midair pictures:

Today we decided to pack it up (a day earlier than planned) because the weather looked dicey and we have some personal stuff going on right now. Instead of spacing out the rest of the treats, we decided to make a mid-afternoon campfire and have the remainder of the s'mores and Jiffy Pop!


As always, my rubric for how successful our trip has been is how long it takes the kids to pass out in the car on the way home.
90 seconds

About 5 minutes

As it turns out, we left just in time.

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