Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And we're back

We had a lovely trip back home. It's strange because several years ago when we went back, it was a mad dash around to see everyone before our time was out. This trip was considerably more relaxed. I think it's because our friends have mostly moved away from the area. We also have this little boy that makes a nightlife considerably more difficult. We spent a lot of time at this park, where they had a water play area. T thought it was the best thing in the world.
We also visited a local apple orchard/Oz. They have the world's best apple donuts. I truly believe they've filled them with crack.
My Dad spent a good portion of the week recovering from his latest treatments, and so his birthday ended up something of a week-long celebration. We generally ate ourselves stupid the whole week though, so we can't really blame the birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!
T invented a new game. Instead of throwing the basketball through the hoop, he wanted to hold onto the net and toss the ball as far as he could. It appeared to be a lot of fun, and he had a far greater success rate that with the traditional game.
Alas, we still had to return home. Our trip went well again. T took a good car nap, which is rare these days. Overall, the 14 hours in the car weren't nearly as bad as I feared they would be.

I'm slowly getting the house back in order. We have a two-week break before my mom comes to visit.

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