Friday, August 14, 2009

This won't hurt a bit

T has been abnormally, shall we say, curious, lately. We were cleaning the downstairs bedroom to find that T had gotten into my latex gloves and was proudly wearing them. He also got a kick out of trying on women's shoes at DSW the other day. Today he was particularly contrary and decided to get into anything and everything he wasn't supposed to.

Lucky for us, we're leaving him with Neena tomorrow for 24 hours to go act like real adults. Some friends of ours are getting married, as as the wedding is nearly 2 hours away, we're spending the night. If I wasn't pregnant, I might even have a glass of wine or four. Regardless, it'll be nice to have an evening of adult conversation unpunctuated by pleas to take one more bite or quit drawing on the table with the butter knife. We'll also get to sleep in (which I guarantee will mean something very different to those of you without small children). Ahh, the joy of grandparents.


Cathy said...

Thanks for that - I laughed out loudsapw

Cathy said...

ignore the "sapw" - it jumped up there when I was typing in the security letters!

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