Thursday, August 13, 2009

Space bags to the rescue?

Yesterday I went through my and Ry's wardrobe to attempt to make some space in our already overcrowded dressers. Our basement is rapidly starting to look like a consignment shop. I have boxes and boxes of baby clothes, boxes of off-season adult clothes and now, boxes of off-season maternity clothes. Where do people put all this stuff? I don't want to get rid of any of it, because, you know, there's another baby coming and I have no idea what might or might not fit him. I'm afraid that since he's going be born in the opposite season as T, none of the clothes are going to be the right sizes and I'll have twice as many boxes of baby clothes. We're considering purchasing the infomercial Space Bags to see if we can condense and free at least part of our basement from the onslaught of clothing. Do you know anyone who has actually used these things? In general, I'm skeptical of infomercially products, but I'm drowning!


Cathy said...

Well at least great minds think alike! I just suggested that to you on Facebook! We use them at work and I think you don't even have to get them through infomercial - you could probably find the and Bed bath and Beyond or Home Depot. Didn't think about the while opposite season thing - so I can tell Eric now that I DO need to buy the baby clothes!! BTW I didn't include any baby 2 stuff in the box - I'll send that when it gets closer. smooches to T, you, and belly

melydia said...

We got some as a wedding present. We used them and they looked awesome...but a week later they'd re-inflated. I don't remember the brand we got, but they did NOT work. --kate

Jenn said...

It seems like the actual space bag brand bags are getting the best reviews online. It also appears to be the cheapest way to get the most bags. I'll post the results.

Kate -- just an FYI that I've been stalking your blog too. Every time I go to make a comment it asks me to make an account and I've just been too lazy to do so. Sorry to hear about Matey!

Becky said...

The question is, will you ever be able to get the wrinkles out of your clothes once they've been de-vacuumed packed?

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