Saturday, August 22, 2009

New adventures in preschool

We've decided to pull T out of the preschool he attended for the past year. There were a lot of reasons, but the straw that broke the camel's back was a 20% tuition increase slated to start on Sept 1. We got notification of the increase Thursday. Add that to T's rotating teachers (he's had 3 sets in 9 months) and general poor administration, and we decided it was time to find another solution. I went in to give our 30 day notice and felt like my decision was confirmed. The new director (another recent change), didn't know that I had to give a 30 day notice to get my deposit back. She didn't know how I was going to get the deposit back or whether my last month of school would be applied against it. As the director, I had assumed these were issues she would be familiar with. My bad.

Since I'm not in school for the next year, we started looking for a more traditional "preschool". We found a cooperative preschool sponsored by a church nearby and went to visit yesterday. It's definitely a different thing. The school is only offered for the 2-year-olds on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 - 11, so it won't be a daycare solution for when I go back to work. It is, however, still a break for me a couple times a week and continuing socialization for T. It's also less than a third of the price we were paying for two half days at his old school. The other thing I like about it is that since it's a co-op, I will be the "helping parent" about once a month. We also have to serve on a committee. It should be a good way to meet more people in the area and get to know the other parents and kids in the school (something I never did at the other school). Overall, I'm pleased with the way things have turned out.

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