Sunday, August 09, 2009

St Francis de la Sissies

I know a lot of you have seen this already, but it was too cute not to share. I also know my posts have been pretty boring lately. Frankly, life has been pretty quiet lately too. I'm enjoying the last few week of summer before my online course starts at the end of the month. My mom is coming to visit at the end of the week. We also have a wedding, a visit to Colonial Williamsburg and potty training to do before the baby comes. I'm sure potty training will provide lots of blog fodder (and T's adolescent embarrassment). Posts will probably continue to be light on content for a while, but I'll try to keep pictures of the boy flowing (Tantie).

The first minute or two is a bit tedius, but stick with it. Please to enjoy.


Cathy said...

What online class are you taking? I thought you were finished qwith pre-reqs.
The on line thing really isn't that bad, in fact I finished 2 weeks early just because I had some extra time so cranked it all out. You miss the extra stuff you would get in lecture though

Jenn said...

It's a course called "Living with Health." It's essentially a nutrition/general health/STD/exercise class. From what I understand, it's pretty cream-puff. I have to go onto the campus 4 or 5 times during the semester to take the exams, but otherwise it's all on my own. We'll have to compare notes on the online experience.

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