Monday, August 09, 2010

Highs and lows

Yesterday the boys and I flew from El Paso, TX to Philadelphia after our fun visit with family. I'll get some pictures of our trip up soon. My stepdad travels like crazy and he was able to get us first class tickets for the flight home. It rocked.

My mom flew the first leg with us. We had 4 first class seats between the 4 of us. They didn't serve a meal, since it was a short flight, but we got all the drinks we could drink and crazy lots of room to kid-wrangle.

Our second flight was over 3 hours. I was looking forward to it about as much as I'm looking forward to having my second cavity filled. While we only had 2 seats, they seemed huge. T and F both took a nap for the first 45 minutes of the flight, so I got to snuggle a baby, pat a boy and have a glass of white wine. (I figured I should at least partake of one free adult beverage in first class). Then we split a plate of pasta that the flight attendant had so helpfully saved for us. T was in little -boy heaven when the ice cream and caramel brownie came out for dessert. He played DS, I baby wrangled and we chatted for the rest of the flight. Both boys were complete angels. Our flight attendant and the nice folks sitting around us complimented the boys as we were leaving (one even gave a little round of applause!). It was a lovely time. I wish the boys were always such darlings.

Ry met us at the airport and we got home, got kiddos in bed and spent some time catching up. We didn't get into bed until midnight since I'm on mountain time at the moment. Then, around 3:30 am I was laid low with a nasty GI bug that kept me in the bathroom every 15 minutes for about 12 hours. So far I've kept down a glass of room-temperature Sprite today. I'm not pushing my luck, but did manage to get a shower when Ry took F to his 9 month check up. Thank God for my husband. I'm not sure how I would have gotten through today if he hadn't stayed home from work. Now I'm off to do some more re-cooperating.


Becky said...

Sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon!

jp said...

Doh! Hope you are all better by this weekend! (or today actually, but definitely by this weekend!)

Jube said...

Thanks guys. I ended the day with actually keeping down a few slices of italian bread and 1/3 of a donut. Feeling much much better today though. I'll definitely be all better by the weekend!

Cathy said...

It was probably the airline food, a study was just released that they are some of the worst culprits in food borne illness. Glad you made it home before the ejections started. See you in a week!

Jube said...

Cathy - I would agree with you, but the boys ate the same food on the airplane and so far (knock on wood)they haven't gotten sick. See you soon!

ldupbeat said...

Sorry to see you were sick, but John had a similar discription GI bug last week and I had it this weekend, interesting :)

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