Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new marriage and old friends

The primary reason we were back in Oz this week was that one of Ry's best friends got married. We convinced the grandparents to watch the boys for 30 hours of uninterrupted, kid-free time with good friends. It was one of the most fun and certainly the most interesting weddings I've ever been to.We got all dolled up. We clean up pretty good I think.

E and his new wife are both of Israeli descent. The wedding was conducted in both Arabic and English by two Byzantine priests. It was beautiful, even if I didn't fully understand what was going on. The reception kicked off with these dancers. They were pretty impressive, especially when they brought out the swords a few minutes later.

We got to hang out with our friends, have a few drinks, eat delicious food and make merry.

And the table centerpieces shot fire. No, seriously.

E and N spent most of the reception dancing or lifted above the crowd, as they danced around them. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful day and a beautiful couple. I wish them the very happiest of marriages. Congratulations!


jp said...

We are some good looking people!

Jube said...

Yes we are!

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