Monday, August 16, 2010

Holy Moley, He's Eating Pizza!

We had lunch with Ry's Mummu and Papa, who were traveling through Oz on their way home. They hadn't seen F since he was about 4 months old, and so were quite impressed with his ability to put food away. He had some blueberries and raspberries, some bread and then some pizza. Mummu kept mentioning what a good eater he was "A good Finn!" Then she looked over and said, "Holy Moley, he's eating pizza!" Quote of the day.The boys got along famously with their Great Mummu and Great Papa, and we had a great time catching up with them. As much as I love our home and our friends, I always get bummed that we don't live closer to our families. Still, we had a great visit.

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Jo said...

Now we know where the Holy Moley comes from. I'm loving that pic, if only I was there with you.

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