Monday, January 31, 2011

Best. Game. Ever.

I have a girlfriend who read an article about the best games for lazy parents.  Her pick was a game where you sit on the ground, whilst clapping your hands and pretending to be a walrus. The kid then tosses you stuffed animals to eat.  Good stuff.

We have created one here in our little household that I think is far superior.  It goes like this:

I sit on the ground and play with F.  T runs into the room. Then, I say, "What was that flash F?"  T giggles and runs out of the room. When he runs back in, I say, "Wow, there it is again! It's so fast! Is that an airplane?"  More giggles.  We go through the litany of fast things: rocket ships, birds, cheetahs, cars, tigers.  The kid can play for an hour. And then ... he's tired.

Great stuff.

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