Monday, January 10, 2011

Hollywood Day

On my last day, we did all things stereotypically-Hollywood.  First, we attempted to get up to the sign, but thanks to crazy roads and poor signage, this is as close as we got.  Still, pretty close and pretty fun.

This was a giant cell phone, playing a preview for Tron.  Mostly, we could see ourselves.

Grauman's Chinese Theater.  You couldn't go inside unless you bought a ticket. Since Season of the Witch was the only thing playing, we passed.

My sister, comparing hand sizes with some of Hollywood's past royalty.

And me, standing in the footprints of my all-time favoritest movie start ever. EVER!

We decided not to go to Madame Toussands, due to the highway robbery they called an entrance fee ($25, really?).  Still, Shrek was pretty cool.  There were also lots of street performers.  My favorite was a guy in a flight suit that looked shockingly like a young (taller) Tom Cruise.

LA has all the cheap tourist shops of every other major city.  I bought a few trinkets, and we couldn't stop ourselves from trying these on. We're beauties, right?

We also went up to Griffith's Observatory, which I sadly have no pictures of.  There were more gorgeous views and some really interesting science exhibits.  Also, because it's Hollywood, we did go see a movie too. The theater was easily the largest I'd been in, and had assigned seats. 

I was up before dawn yesterday to catch my flight eastward.  I had such a great time and feel really lucky to have had uninterrupted sister time.  I was also really glad to get back to my snuggly, beautiful boys and brave husband, who had the boys, alone, for almost 5 days.  I think they were glad to see me, too. 


Becky said...

We should have stopped for a photo with fake Tom Cruise. He was cute.

Jube said...

He was cute. It was the cocky smile that sold it. He was probably a starving actor too, so could have used the extra buck. Oh well.

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