Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Neena and G-pa and the Museum

We had a really lovely visit with my mom and G last week.  All of us were sick when they got here, so we spent the first couple of days holed up, taking antibiotics and other assorted medications and playing video games.

This is pretty much our first 3 days, right here.

Oh, and I got F some dino slippers for $3. Roar!

The day before we left, we took the kids to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  They LOVED it.

The museum is housed in a gorgeous old building that was constructed for the US centennial.  It was going to be torn down, but the museum pumped over 80 million bucks into restoring it and putting together the museum.  Totally worth it.

T was into replacing car parts.

And I seriously need to get one of these for the basement.  Snow day? No problem!

The water play area was a huge hit with both of the boys.

And F liked chasing me through Alice's garden.

The Alice in Wonderland garden is by far my favorite part of the museum.  They lots of mirrors, a "shrinking" room, the green hangie things (above), a tea party area, dress up, and bushes with magical paint brushes where you can paint the roses.  It's seriously cool.  Isn't F the cutest?

And T sort of put up with the whole tea party thing.

Both boys also got a kick out of the pediatric hospital.

I think T may have found his calling.  He took his time weighing the babies, dressing them, examining them, and putting them to sleeping in their cribs.

And I had to include this shot because apparently Ry and I have an oven mitt thing.


melydia said...

How far are you from Philly? We should meet up there sometime.

Jube said...

We're less than an hour. Anytime you're in the area!

Anonymous said...

Srsly, those cheeks never get old.

Jube said...

Thanks J. We love the chipmunk cheeks too.

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