Monday, January 31, 2011

Herding Cats

We have decided that it's time to find and attend a church regularly.  Of course, we decided that several weeks ago.  Each Sunday, as we sit around in our jammies, eating whatever tasty breakfast Ry has created, it's far easier to find and excuse not to go than to actually get ready and out the door.
Yesterday, we finally got to church.  To quote a much-loved relative, "we are a slow-moving herd."  The church we've decided on has 3 services, an 8, a 9:30, and an 11.  At 9:30, we decided that we could make the 11.  And so, Ry and the boys hopped in the shower.  He passed them out to me, where I lotioned, dressed, and brushed teeth.  Then he took over, getting himself dressed and packing snacks, toys and drinks for the service.  I got my shower, and tracked down shoes and jackets in between drying my hair and putting on make up.  At 10:45, we walked out the door.  We arrived at the church at 10:59. On time! Score!

Next week, we're going to try and make the 9:30 service. Heaven help us.

Update for melydia:

Our cat is just a giant, lazy cat. This is about as much activity as you can expect for him. Poor T doesn't know that cats can jump, because the cat goes under our baby gates and can only get his tubby butt to the couch.


melydia said...

Um, is the perspective on that photo weird, or is your cat really that ginormous?

Jube said...

No, he's really that huge. I'll see if I can find a better picture. I think F only has him by about a pound. The weird thing is, we only feed him enough for a 12 pound cat, but he seems to keep getting fatter.

Amber said...

I love that picture! It gave me a good laugh. I hope you continue to enjoy your new church. :)

Cathy said...

You didn't mention Chief's lack of self-grooming - he's lucky he's so stinkin cute. I stand by my diagnosis of hypothyroidism

Jube said...

@Amber - Thanks!

@Cathy - Stinky and obese ... anyone want a kitty?

He probably does have some medical condition, but as he seems pretty happy and we've gotten over the worst of the smelly butt issue, I'm not keen to spend a whole bunch of money and time for the vet to tell me that he needs to be on really expensive medication in addition to the really expensive food he already eats.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we've had the opposite problem with Leia, who is down to 8lbs. She gets 2-3 cans of food a day and always had dry food out (and sometimes eats some of Sammie's food). We took her in for tests and $260 later all they wanted to do was try some different intestinal medications. I was not apt to take her back. Ugh.

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